5 things my vagina does not make me. A guest blog by Doreen Akiyo Yomoah


“You’re a woman.” These three words are quite possibly my least favorite words strung together in the English language. When people repeat them to me it’s usually to judge how I can or cannot behave, or how I should or shouldn’t behave. But aside from the genitalia that I was born with, no other assumptions…

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Celebrating African Music – The MsAfropolitan Mixtapes vol. 1

MsAfropolitan Mixtapes 1

I’m pleased to share that the first edition of the MsAfropolitan Mixtapes is here. Courtesy of Broadcite Music, an esteemed independent label committed to creating unique sounds for the musically aware, we are going on an Afropolitan ride from Ghana to South Africa fusing highlife, juju, afrobeat and more with Detroit House and the edgy beats of underground London….

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Bad luck with sweets, Goodluck with presidents

There comes a point during my stays in Lagos when I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. I dare say that most people who live in the developed world and travel to the developing world will experience a similar frustration if they stay long enough. Usually it is something trivial that triggers…

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MsAfropolitan Boutique Interview Series – Aya Morrison, founder of Aya Morrison


As I was saying yesterday, the great thing about having an online boutique is that I am able to share inspiring stories about African Diaspora women entrepreneurs and discover new beautiful products. Aya Morrison is one of those women with a great story and product range. I caught up with her to find out the inspiration…

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7 African male icons that shaped history

One of the challenges, and also opportunities with writing an opinion blog like mine is having to take a stand on the range of topics you write about. Whether it’s feminism, women’s libidoes, pornography or natural hair, when you take a firm stand on something you can appear to be unable to relate with the opposing side….

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