MsAfropolitan Boutique – Brands

Shiri Achu Art – Shiri Achu is a vivacious, colourful, bold, young woman was born in Cameroon, West Africa. She and her family immigrated to London, where she lived for many years. Today, she has studios in both the UK and the USA. Her art is passionate, vivid and a beautiful ornament to appreciate in any space.

Eki Orleans – Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, is the designer behind Eki Orleans. She prides herself on her elegant and intricate patterns and so she should. They reflect her colourful memories growing up as a child in the buzzing city of Lagos, Nigeria and of her Germanic roots. The silk fabric mixed with the African prints are a wonderful idea and addition to the world of fashion.

Eva Sonaike – Eva Sonaike is the founder of a London-based home furnishings and accessories label that specializes in traditional African and African-inspired textiles combined with the finest velvets and leathers. If you would like to preview these and you are visiting London, then head to Liberty and Selfridges. I did, and I immediately fell in love with the immaculately crafted and luxurious products.

Lady Soül Rebel – Dielle N’Diaye is the Afropolitan lady behind the Lady Soul Rebel collection of jewellery. She is Halpularr, from the village Thilogne in the Fouta region of Senegal, but currently resides in France. The brand name is inspired by the Bob Marley song – Soul Rebel – but with a touch of lady :) Dielle loves soul music. “Being a rebel,” she says, “also means to be ourselves. Fashion, beauty are things that change all the time but being unique, original, being a rebel is being beautiful.”

Aya Morrison – Founded by Aya Morrison, this label represents in my opinion the true beauty of a woman. Aya Morrison is for the modern women who loves to express her inner style and confidence, while enjoying her curves and her femininity. I reckon just wearing one of those swimsuits will make you feel like an African queen.

Ifenkili - Nneka Mokwe, the designer behind Ifenkili and her sisters Chika and Nkiru make up the Ifenkili team. These ladies, who are based in Texas and London, are creating fashion for the playful, confident and conscious woman. The basis of Ifenkili is handcraft as they wish to uphold African traditions using light and coulourful Ankara material which tells a story in every pattern. They also do cute stuffed toys which are so amazing for babies or as a home accessory.

Es N Yaa – -This Ghanaian daughter (Es) and mother (Yaa) duo are particularly inspiring. Es N Yaa: a handmade, socially-conscious company promotes social change through fashion. Yaa, lives in Ghana and Es is in the USA. Together, they find people in need and support their living with their collection.
Es N Yaa was born from a hunger inside to assist underprivileged communities in West Africa and although they can’t save the world they are definitely doing their part.

Lela – The idea for Lela was born when a proud father of a beautiful new born baby girl went out looking for something special to buy for his little princess. He came across a few items of merchandise for young girls with animated characters on them, none of which represented his daughter. After making this discovery he went home to his wife and expressed his disappointment.
So using her creative flair Rayo Balogun, the lady behind Lela, set out on a journey to develop a character that young African and Caribbean girls can relate to. Lela aims to be an inspiration to children from all walks of life, encouraging them to feel good about themselves.

Senga K designs is an AFRO/Euro inspired, funky & unique accessories made from 70% recycled materials.
Afrolicious bags, beads, boob tube tops & scarves.

NIC*FISH – NIC*FISH was established in 2000 by womenswear designer, Nicole Fisher. The label began with custom pieces designed for musicians within the entertainment industry. During this time, Nicole recognized a unique perspective missing from the contemporary womenswear market that represented her style, the personal style of her incredibly chic peer circle, and an overlooked sub-culture of effortlessly stylish women around the globe.

So far, NIC*FISH has amassed a global client base of ultra-hip fashionistas, and exceptionally stylish musicians, like Kissey Asplund,  Res, Esthero, Aaries, Wayna, Aja of Kindred The Family Soul, Angie Stone, and Nia Saw of Zap Mama.

Mariama Mariama’s soft furnishing items are produced using reclaimed, recycled fabrics and fibres where possible and depending on design. This inspires the creation of a piece which can brighten your living space with a unique work of art.

Raw Skin Food is an Organic Vegan Skin Care brand produced, manufactured and stocked in Islington, North London. The brand is the brainchild of beauty blogger, makeup artist and budding entrepreneur 25 year Clare Eluka who deferred a career in Drama A-Level Teaching to pursue her life long dream in cosmetics.

The brands unique selling point and premium benchmark standard is that there are less than 5 ingredients in each product. This is to guaranteed a superior level of purity.  Raw Skin Food has been making waves amongst the skin care savvy, including a sea of loyal Celebrity fans including Alexandra Boyd, Cathy Tyson, Rudolph Walker OBE’s wife Dionne Alexandra, Alise Willis and Michelle Ryan and certification from the Vegan Society and B.U.A.V.

Medina is the beautiful collection of one off pieces of jewellery using natural stones and beads sourced from around the world.

Project Sierra Leone is the brainchild of Sierra Leonean born Margaret Kadi. The whole ethos of Project Sierra Leone is that everything sold is handmade by talented Sierra Leoneans.  The aim is to work with Sierra Leonean Artisans that will bring you cutting edge collections and work on private orders just for you.

AiFA CLothing – Contemporary Fashion Seeded in Africa.

eklektik ekhos – eKlektik eKhos are expressions through an echo of the Original Creator inspired by various styles, ancient traditions, experiences and/or the cultural background of the reflection of creation the piece is intended for.

Every piece is created with the intention to bring peace and an incredibly unique piece to your home or place of business. Every eKho is emerged from an experience and a moment of growth in my life and is not created in vain nor created just to create. Every single one has meaning. Whether it is a moment of clarity, breakthrough, lesson, etc., it all has meaning that I would love to share with you and hope that the lessons I learn while creating are inspirational.

Mononoko – Mononoko is a Manchester based sustainable fashion label currently focused on the creation of contemporary sustainable womenswear, jewellery and accessories. We employ a 360 degree approach to sustainability making use of a mixture of recycled/upcycled, end of line and sustainably sourced fabrics.

Colorblind Cards - Colorblind Cards is the UK’s leading multi-cultural cards and gift publisher, credited with putting black birthday cards on high-street shelves. We are the one-stop shop for gifts for all the family and aim to create products featuring children and adults of all races.

Zebra Living – Zebra Living is the ultimate one-stop shop for all things stylish and sophisticated, from fashion to interior décor, from wellness to travel, from events to popular culture. Zebra is not just a brand, but an exquisite way of life – that of the sophisticated, vibrant, trendy 21st century woman. Proudly Nigerian, and with a growing clientele base in West Africa, Europe and North America, Zebra Living offers women of all sizes, races and ages unique and affordable readymade fashion pieces produced to the highest quality. Zebra’s fabulous fashion pieces have not only adorned the windows of our trendy downtown boutique and wardrobes of many stylish modern women but also the glossy pages of leading fashion and life style magazines, with Genevieve, True Love, Elan and Haute, amongst numerous others, as well as the hottest fashion ‘blogazines’ like Bella Naija, Fashion Africa and Ladybrille.

All Thingz Nice - All Thingz Nice was founded by director Edith Victoria in 2010: “I got the idea at the end of 2009 from just simply wanting a t-shirt bearing my name made out of sparkly stones. That’s all it was. I am a person, who likes sparkle, luxury and customised things. I like having things that not many have or can get hold of and I am also very proud of who I am and where I am from, so I wanted clothing that reflected this. Then I thought…other people might want that too!

Beampeh – Launched Her Design Debut At Her First Fashion Show Tagged ‘Rare Earth’ In April 2004 With A Twelve Piece Collection And Has Continued To Produce One-Off And Limited Edition Pieces Since Then Under Her Beampeh Label.Bimpe Has Participated In Several Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Competitions And Trade Fairs And Has Had Her Designs Showcased In The Media. With Clients Ranging Between Ages 12 And 70, Her Brand Has Mass Appeal And Never Loses Sight Of Her Roots While Keeping International Standards.