I have a new blog design, yippee!

Lagos at night shot by Dele Nedd ©

Lagos at night shot by Dele Nedd ©


MsAfropolitan has got a new look! From top to bottom, page to page, it’s more bespoke, beautiful and easy to search.

Actually, it’s more than a new look, my hope is that this new design will bring you an improved reader experience that’s clean, uncluttered, informative and engaging. One of my favourite things about the new design is that the hundreds of posts on this site are now easier to access.

What do you think? Hope you like it and look forward to hearing your suggestions on what to do next.

  • http://perspectives-anotherwaytoview.blogspot.com Carolyn Moon

    This is nice Minna and your profile picture is lovely. I’ve always been supportive of your mission and have learned quite a bit about young women of color whom reside in the various countries on the continent of Africa. Though, I’m a black woman in American with lost ties to my ancestral home…I claim the whole continent! ^◡^

    • http://www.msafropolitan.com/ MsAfropolitan

      And so you should, Carolyn. (Claim the continent that is.)The phrase ‘African women’, for me refers broadly to women of African heritage from the continent and beyond. Thank you for continuing this journey with me, I’ve learned from you too and look forward to many more discussions. Happy that you like the new design and thanks for the compliment :)

  • nike

    A bit late but I like! More open and easier to navigate. Lovely profile pic. Well done!

    • http://www.msafropolitan.com/ MsAfropolitan

      Thanks Nike, i’m glad that you like it :)