In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO

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 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDOWhat is a SKIMDO?

It is many things in one: a product, a look and a style treatment for curly hair.

It was created by Kimberley Cowans, a woman of Russian and Jamaican heritage who, frustrated with not finding the right products for her hair texture, decided to create her own. The result was SKIMDO, a product free of harmful ingredients, safe for adults and children alike, that seals, coils and defines curls without heaviness.
When Kim contacted me about SKIMDO, I initially wondered if it was right for me because although I love indulgent hair products, I prefer my hair routine itself low maintenance. And SKIMDO-ing requires some time, an hour or two. However, the promise of a head of curls with “weight, volume, shine and swish” was not a hard sale and off I went to get a  SKIMDO treatment at Foster Hair in East London.

My guess is that SKIMDO will suit most curl types, perhaps especially the 3B – 4A type. Not to mention those with thick, full hair. Since my hair isn’t that thick (*sniff, sniff*), when I’ve since used SKIMDO at home, I prefer not to coil it all the way from the roots but I use it to define the ends. (Which, I know, are in need of a trim, ignore that!)
SKIMDO is set to become a staple product in my hair maintenance. I love the light texture, it does the job and smells great.

What do you think? Scroll down for images + a discount offer.

 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO

Hair washed and deep conditioned, pre SKIMDO

 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO
Admiring the sleek and trendy packaging


 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO



 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO

Halfway done


 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO



 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO



 In pictures: My hair gets a SKIMDO



For more info

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    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks! I had it done in the salon the first time and since then been experimenting with it. The curls will last longer if set with a blow dry but not necessary and depends on the hair texture I reckon.


    Hi ladies! Just wanted to say that you don’t have to have your SKIMDO done in-salon. It’s a lovely treatment to have, however many buy the product and follow the instructional video on YouTube. It was created for long-lasting hold. Up to 7 days. To make defined curls last longer sleep on a silk pillowcase and braid at night. Feel free to ask me any questions

  • iola

    Gorgeous. It’s a different look for you, but I like it . :-)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thank you, hun.