Ms.Magazine features African Feminist Bloggers, my interview


I’m delighted to be featured in the legendary Ms.Magazine today. Ms. Magazine was not only the first feminist magazine to go mainstream but it was also the magazine that inspired the name of this blog. Here’s the first of a three-part series

The Femisphere: African Feminist Bloggers, Part 1

Despite centuries of cultural practice that has routinely silenced the voices of African women, one of the most vibrant and vocal online global feminist communities comes from Africa. The online writers from the African feminist movement are nuanced and complex as they share their stories, their lives, their struggles and their triumphs. I had the privilege of speaking with three of them–Minna Salami, Lesley Agams and Spectra.

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  • cosmicyoruba

    Excellent interview and thanks for the shout out!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks hun!