Participating in OpenForum 2012 and OpenForumYouthSummit in Cape Town, South Africa

From May 22 – 24, the OpenForum 2012 in Cape Town will provide an unprecedented opportunity for activists, academics, businesspeople and policy-makers to take a critical look at the factors that will influence the African democracy and governance agenda over the next decade, debate the paradox of unequal growth and turn innovative ideas into action that promotes real change.

The themes are Money, Power and Sex, aiming to understand how African economies are growing and how economic development policy is planned (Money), how rising growth and attendant inequality affect politics and public policy-making on the continent (Power) and how the implications of growth and inequality affect women’s rights, the rights of sexual minorities and on the social conditions that thrive on the intersections of sexuality and inequality (Sex).
I’ll be participating in a session on the third day with the “Sex” theme, may 24th.

Furthermore, at the age of thirty-three, I’m delighted to say that I am also participating in the Youth Summit taking place on the 21st of May. It’s exciting to take part in this amazing opportunity to convene with sixty young people from 20 countries to interrogate the interlocking meanings and experiences of inequalities as they are articulated through money, power and sex, using a set of different lenses, aimed at digging further beneath the surface.

Visit this link for a list of the YouthSummit participant & this one for the OpenForum info.

Follow our tweets with the #MoneyPowerSex hashtag.

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