Shop design made by women of African heritage

Launched as a tribute to the African Women’s Decade 2010 – 2020, The MsAfropolitan Boutique celebrates the entrepreneurship of Africa and diaspora women as a one-stop shop for fashion, accessories, art and gift collections made by women of African heritage.
In 2011, it was featured in the Huffington Post, catchavibe, SOAS World Magazine, Women of the African Diaspora, Lime Mag, Divascribe, CIAAfrique, Promota Magazine and  Afro Diva Ent to name a few. A highlight of the year was the inaugural MsAropolitan fashion show staged at the V&A Museum in June.

The MsAfropolitan Boutique aims to provide a platform where design by women of African heritage can be celebrated and reach a wide audience. Our goal is to, in the spirit of Ubuntu, return creativity to community and to create a space for African female-led entrepreneurship. We believe that creativity in form is storytelling and when it finds its community the outcome is transformation.

“I am what I am because of who we all are.” – Leymah Gbowee

Customers are invited to a shopping experience that centers around community and empowerment, including distinct and affordable products as well as a portfolio of the brand’s stories in the MsAfropolitan Boutique Interview Series. Each brand in The MsAfropolitan Boutique has been chosen for their unique inspiration from the African continent and beyond. Products available include men’s and women’s fashion, art, gifts and accessories.

Items in The MsAfropolitan Boutique make the ideal purchase for shoppers who value items that have meaning and who support niche causes.

Over the next year, we look to add several new labels, particularly Africa-based female entrepreneurs as part of the mission to keep raising awareness of the African Women’s Decade. If you would like to feature in The MsAfropolitan Boutique, please contact us.

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  • Shauntrice Art

    This is a marvelous notion. I love the entire site, but I think this entry is my favorite. It really resonates with me as an artist. I look forward to creating pieces that will catch your attention in the future!

    Much love
    -Shauntrice Art
    Na Fanya Ivi Kwa mama Africa