#OccupyNigeria – 7 essential reads about the protests in Nigeria (with additional updates)

When it comes to the ongoing protests and the labour strike in Nigeria it isn’t easy to get a clear perspective of the situation without being in the country. There are many articles by journalists and bloggers who unfortunately aren’t bothering to understand the contextual particularities of the bombings and of the #OccupyNigeria protests. As a result, these parallel but separate matters are being conflated into one another and (premature) reports are warning of a civil war.

The narration of the ongoing events will in many ways shape the outcome, we should try to read everything critically.

Below are seven links to articles that I’ve gathered in the past few days and that I find perceptive. If you can recommend others, share them in the comments.

1. Fuel subsidy removal: Chinua Achebe, E.C. Osondu, others write President Jonathan on fuel subsidy removal on @CPAfrica

2. Response to Ethan Zuckerman on “Occupy Nigeria” on @Sahelblog

3. On the condition of Nigeria by Nigerians…. on @blacklooks

4. How Not to Remove Fuel Subsidy on @thisdaylive

5. Several articles on Nigerians Talk, a Nigerian blogging community

6. How Not to Run a Country on @ynaija

7. What Would Jesus Do?” An Open Letter To Take To Our Pastors This Morning on @SaharaReporters

Update: Additional Essential Resources

– Occupy Nigeria on @AfricasaCountry

The Fuel Subsidy Removal Protests for Dummies on @jeremyweate‘s naijablog

– Nigerian women tackle Jonathan on @tellng

– For Global Gasaholics, Ending Subsidies Is the First Step: View

Famed author Chinua Achebe on the Occupy Nigeria strikes

– Facts and Nagging Questions on Fuel-Subsidy Removal

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