MsAfropolitan presents – Fashion and Talks at the V&A Friday Late: Afropolitans

Photo courtesy of the V&A Museum

MsAfropolitan is taking part in Friday Late: Afropolitans at the V&A, the world’s largest museum of art and design.

In “MsAfropolitan presents – The rise of Afropolitan Fashion” myself with the help of creative director Ola Shobowalewill conceptualize the contemporary creativity and beauty of Afropolitan fashion for women. Visitors will be able to experience the fusion of bold African patterns and textures with a contemporary cosmopolitan feel and be inspired by the self-assurance and innovation that defines the zeitgeist of Afropolitan lifestyle.

There will be must-see fashion from some of Africa’s top fashion houses such as Tiffany Amber, Jewel by Lisa, Ituen Basi and rising labels such as Eki Orleans, Kemkem Studio, Beatrice K Newman, Aya Morrison, Senga K Designs to name only a few.

The panel discussion we’ll be presenting is titled – ‘MsAfropolitan presents ‘What is an Afropolitan?’ – Panel discussion. It will see Afropolitans  Tolu OgunlesiHannah PoolLulu KitoloYemi Alade-Lawal, myself and others discuss such topics as what defines our generation of African Diasporans, how we incorporate the cultural voice of Africa with global and regional trends, how we express our African roots, how we are changing the socio-cultural perceptions of Africa and so on. I’m very much looking forward to hearing the opinions of this group of talented and inspiring people.

I’m also excited to catch the ‘township-tech’ performance by SA artist Spoek Mathambo, and all the other cultural visualisations on the night. From South African photographer Chris Saunders photo projections to Morroccan designer Hassan HajjajAfropolitan lounge to Ghanaian photographer Sal Idriss photo studio to textile designer Emamoke Ukeleghe‘s textile workshop to David Goldblatt‘s photographs to an interactive installation by South African designers Heidi Chisholm and Sharon Lombard and the Secousse Sound System entertaining us with African electro music.

Read more here about Friday Late: Afropolitans and please do join us on June 24th!

Can you make it? What does the term Afropolitan means to you? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Shonavixen

    I will most definitely be there on the 24th of Friday. First thing I that comes to mind when I hear ‘Afropolitan’ – is cosmopolitan Africans, an African in the know, modern, diversity hmmm is that one thing?well that’s all that came to mind. I also thought cool, funky and fashionable!
    PS: I love your site :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Hi Shona, I look forward to meeting you! Thanks for the site props and sharing your thoughts on Afropolitanism :)

  • Qalil Little

    Someday I hope your panel discussions will be available online for those of us who are not close enough to participate in the discussions.

    Is there a plan for this?

    • MsAfropolitan

      I’ll keep you posted definitely. Thanks

  • afrohell

    you ignorant cow, why the hell will i attend a bloody AFROPOLITAN EVENTS planned by you and your boring boutique. please get a life and update that so called boutique

    • MsAfropolitan

      wish you’d had the courage to not be anonymous with a comment like that.

      • Eki Orleans

        It still attracted your attention as you took a few minutes out of your precious time to comment on this site. Pls take your negative energy elsewhere.

        • MsAfropolitan

          Gratitude for the support Eki

    • Sel

      Wow, I applaud you for publishing the comment at all. Nice one there.

      People are always going to hate, too bad this particular poster decided to give feedback in the most unuseful way imaginable.

      Constructive criticism is one thing but what is one to do with blind hate? Keep on stepping girlfriend…

      • MsAfropolitan

        Thanks Sel, your comment was so warming it made it worth publishing the insulting one :)

  • Sandra Manuel

    It’s a pity that I won’t be able to attend what promises to be an interesting event. I associate Afropolitan to Modern Africa – a concept that I am discussing in my writings on urban cosmopolitan Mozambique. Thumbs up for the event. I have to invite you to Mozambique and we could collaborate on similar experiences.

    • MsAfropolitan

      Sandra, please remember that you have someone waiting to read your thesis 😉 Hope it’s all going well

  • Ngum

    looks like a great gig. what’s the price to get in?

    • Orla

      Hi there

      I’m curating the Afropolitans event – it’s all free so do come down! 6.30-10pm.



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  • Gabrielle

    I went to see the photography exhibition at the V&A and saw this event in the brochure. Really looking forward to the event!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Hi Gabrielle, look forward to meeting you hopefully!

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  • chomy

    OMG i wish i could come…this long distance thing is not ‘OK’ i tell you. can’t wait to hear more after the exhibition, i KNO how hard you have been working on the project, i’ m sure it will be A MASSIVE SUCCESS, i need videos, photos, and a scene by scene update when we talk ,1 wanna feel like i was there!! maybe next year ?!:)

    …what does Afropolitan mean to me personally?….cultured….in the know, global perspective…retaining the AFRO in you , preserving the spirit and proudly incorporating it in your way of life. it goes beyond just being ‘African’or having an African ‘connection your past…
    it is unwavering PRIDE in our motherland and a refusal to shed that no matter what….it is that spirit that you are African regardless of where you have been, where you have lived or will live…it is that attitude that shines thru even without words that makes someone else wish they were African…the Afropolitan attitude is your identity … that part of your identity so PURE , intuitive and Organic that no amount of western ‘flair’ can strip away…being Afropolitian means keeping ‘Africa’ as the main ingredient in the answer to the question ‘Who are You’…..

    and p.s (not that you need you little sister to go to war for ya but this anonymous comment just threw me off) i don’t really know what’Anonymous’ commenters feel they gain by being assholes for no reason. if you are going to be a dick get bigger balls and show face..really you are going to take the time to set up an open ID to spread rubbish yet not have the little time it will take to actually show your own content. it is one thing to not like something but it is one thing to come at someone with so much unnecessary hatred…

    so to the afro kid from hell i say this….if you don’t like her events or the boutique, who gives a fuck?if you think it is not up to par with your “HIGH” standards why waste your precious time on it…instead of spending time talking out of your ass, perhaps you could invest that into setting up your own boutique, one i assume -judging from your comment- will be totally not ‘boring’ and updated on a daily basis, while you are it, perhaps you could consider looking up the meaning of the world ‘ignorant’ in the dictionary or even Goggle it so you can get a grasp of what the word means so hopefully by the next time you want to use it in a sentence you would actually ‘fit’ …
    the funny part is the irony which i guess is lost on you….could have given you a better standing point instead of portraying you like just another salty human being. #nonsense. please take your negative energy with you , i am not sure what the event would be without your ‘presence’ but i KNOW that it will Do just fine without you.

    • MsAfropolitan

      I so wish you could make it too, sis. Full records will be kept for ya :)

      And thanks for the rant. I appreciate and reciprocate the love

  • ginger locs

    hi there,

    i will definitely be attending this event and keep me updated for many more.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mbeng Ngassa

    This is so dope I’m almost upset I’m not in London. Have a great evening hope you’ll post pictures.


  • Cherchez la Curl

    Hi I attended the event last night and saw you on the panel. Well done! I only saw a bit of the fashion show but what I saw looked great :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks a million!

  • Ivy Munro

    I attended, it was fantastic. I saw you on the panel discussion (although I missed the 1st half) but the conversation was pretty inspiring and the Q&A portion took things a little deeper. It’ll be interesting to see how the Afropolitan sub-culture develops & expands in years to come.
    On another note the place was PACKED! Did the V&A anticipate it being this huge? As there were no barricades and it got pretty crowded at one point (the sign of a great event) I loved it; Fela in the lobby, dancing in the doorway…lol. Well done Minna – more grease to you & yours.

    • MsAfropolitan

      There were 5000 visitors! I don’t think anyone anticipated such a high turnout.
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m madly grateful to Orla Houston-Jibo, the curator at the V&A who was able to spot the need and push for an event like this. There’s definitely a ‘hunger’ for Afropolitan events!! God bless

  • Anna

    Hi, I was at the event, it was packed and a lot of fun. I missed the panel!! There was so much to do and see that I got side tracked. But I heard really fantastic things about it. I saw the fashion show; AMAZING. What a brilliant event it was, absloutely wonderful, the vibe in the air was inspiring; designers, writers, journalists, etc. Well done on planning such a successful event. The Afropolitan to me is bringing Africa out to the global platform in a positive light, the new generation of hope and the next generation of change.
    As for “Anonymous” Ignorance is NOT bliss so don’t claim to be and practise what your momma taught you; if you don’t have anything nice to say they don’t say anything at all. Take your negative energy somehwere else. Loser.

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thank you Anna! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the event, afropolitanism (I like your definition a lot!), and supporting. Bless ya x