More Afropolitan artists you need to know

Thanks for all your recommendations to the ‘7 Afropolitan artists to watch’ list.

As I’m sure you will understand after listening to these three artists, I simply cannot choose.

So I’ve got three runners up.

1. Blitz the Ambassador

Seriously, you got to hit play and groove to this full album stream. Ghanaian, US-based emcee Blitz the Ambassador‘s ‘Native Sun’ is a superb mix of afrobeat, highlife and hip hop played against beautiful African footage. Native Sun is released with an accompanying short film which you can watch. It’s all so good.

2. Meklit Hadero

Born in Ethiopia, raised in the U.S. and nurtured by San Francisco’s richly diverse arts scene, this acclaimed singer embodies worlds. She is the founder of the Arba Minch Collective, a group of Ethiopian artists in diaspora devoted to nurturing ties to their homeland through collaborating with both traditional and contemporary artists there.

3. Siji

“Ijo” which means “dance” in Yoruba is the title of New York-based Nigerian artist, Siji’s, latest video. The video features cameo appearances from Afro beat singer, Ade Bantu, and a cast of Lagosians doing what we love to do best. Oh, I like this a lot.

Whose your favourite?

  • Mbeng Ngassa

    I love Siji’s video,

    Lots of respect to Blitz the Ambassador’s style and vibe though. Loving it.

    Love the post.

  • Nell

    oh my goodness i love Blitz. i saw him perform live while i was in NYC last year sometime at an African Diaspora film showing. he was playing drums and rapping and it was dope. love him.