MsAfropolitan Boutique Interview Series – Aya Morrison, founder of Aya Morrison

As I was saying yesterday, the great thing about having an online boutique is that I am able to share inspiring stories about African Diaspora women entrepreneurs and discover new beautiful products.

Aya Morrison is one of those women with a great story and product range. I caught up with her to find out the inspiration behind her sexy and afrocentric swim-wear and accessories line.

What does the term Afropolitan mean to you?

To me, Afropolitan is everything black and beautiful; ethnic and fashionable; unique and cosmopolitan.

How would you describe Aya Morrison in one or two sentences?

Aya Morrison is a trendsetting and exotic swimwear, purses and accessories fashion line, recognized for striking tribal and vibrant prints, ethnic glamour and bespoke designs. It was exclusively created for the contemporary woman who is confident to express her inner confidence by embracing femininity, color and culture.

Could you share an exciting development currently taking place for Aya Morrison?

Aya Morrison is touring and building brand awareness all around our target cities. We are eventually aiming to eliminate the middleman so our products can be brought right to the doorstep of our valued clients. It’s very exciting! If you want to find out where we are showcasing, check our website for event dates in various locations.

If you could pick one known African woman that inspires you, Diaspora and continent, who would she be and why?

I admire Sade. She’s a wonderfully talented and famous African sister. I love her music. Most importantly, I respect how she maintains her privacy.

5. Is there any particular element from the Ghanaian culture that you maintain in New York?

I cook Ghanaian dishes and I speak my language as often as possible with other Ghanaians.

6. Do you have a favourite post on the MsAfropolitan blog, and why?

My favorite post on the MsAfropolitan blog will have to be the “Mixed race girls have issues” write ups. It’s quite a controversial topic but you made it interesting.

7. What inspired the name for your business?

Aya Morrison is my name. The inspiration behind choosing my own name for my brand is simply that all the items I design are items that I would wear myself!

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  • Dee

    This is a GREAT interview! I love seeing so many entrepreneurs of African descent, it’s so inspiring. And I really love that swimwear :)

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