7 African women’s organisations – International Women’s month

Africa Day 2010 - The Winner

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Today marks the start of International Women’s Month, and this year is also the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.

The reasoning behind all of these events is to celebrate and acknowledge women’s history and achievements that are overlooked and devalued in history books. Take for example, we all know about Socrates, but not of Aspasia, a woman philosopher who played a vital role in ancient Greece.

Many times we in the diaspora feel crippled by inaction. We feel that unless we move back home, wherever that may be, we can not do much to help the situation. At best we end up liking activism pages on facebook and/or other social media activity. Social media helps us become more aware of pressing global issues but ideally we do more than follow causes we support.

One way to help is to support organisations that are actively campaigning for improvement. We can follow them on twitter and facebook and sign up for their newsletters,  this isn’t insignificant because the more people know about your work the bigger chances are for support. We can support financially by donating a one-off or monthly fee. And we can volunteer. I reckon most of us can at least donate some money if not time.

In honour of international women’s month here are 7 African women’s organisations to support.

1. FORWARD – FORWARD campaigns to tackle gender based violence and in particular female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage

2. African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) – AWDF supports local, national and regional organisations in Africa working towards women’s empowerment

3. South London African women’s organisation (SLAWO) – SLAWO works with African and other ethnic minority women and their children who have been affected by domestic violence

4. Orchid Project – The Orchid Project has a simple vision: a world free from female genital cutting

5. The Stephen Lewis Foundation – The Stephen Lewis Foundation supports community-based organizations working to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa

6. WILPF and Voices of African Women – WILPF is the oldest women’s peace organisation. WILPF campaigns for peace, justice, equality and the full enjoyment of human rights for all.

7. Akina Mama Wa Afrika – Akina Mama wa Afrika is an international, pan-African, non-governmental development organisation for African women based in the UK with an Africa regional office in Kampala, Uganda.

Would you like to add any organisations – yours perhaps even?

  • http://www.mwanabaafrika.blogspot.com/ MBA

    I would like to add the organisation of women. We belong to a group no matter what we may think, a group that has a common history and it is up to us to lead the way to change.

    Great post, as always informative :)

  • POTO

    I found this online regarding history – I love author and independent school educator, Rick Ackerly’s article, “Our Socratic Oath,” in this issue of Independent School magazine. To give you a flavor of the article, here is a quote from it that says it all:
    “Happiness, success, winning, and achievement are not what we should wish for our children. Rather, we should wish that they develop the grit to live in life’s tensions — the confidence to learn from conflict, mistakes, disappointment, failure, loneliness, and losing.”

    But I would rather hear more about her story, honestly.

  • http://www.awdf.org Nana Darkoa

    Thanks Ms Afropolitan for including AWDF. Much appreciated!

  • http://www.progressivewomenforum.org Mrs. Kolebaje Adetutu Makanjuola

    Dear Ma,

    I, Mrs. Kolebaje Adetutu Makanjuola, the Executive Director of Progressive Women Forum, a women empowerment nongovernmental organisation based in Ogun State Nigeria.
    In line with our policy to have partnership/collaboration with like minded organisation around the world.
    I hereby seek for partnership with your organisation for more information about us; kindly visit our website at http://www.progresswomenforum.org


    Mrs. Kolebaje Adetutu Makanjuola,
    Executive Director,
    Progressive Women Forum
    Ogun State.

  • Jackie Worrel


    Here is a very special song a which is positive uplifting and affirming that honors Empresses(women).
    Please listen and share this beautiful celebratory message which is particularly relevant to the the up coming International women’s day in March



    I look forward to hearing from you

    One Blessed Love


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  • olivia boateng

    What are the requiement in joining this organisation