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Sometimes people introduce me to others as a fashion blogger.

And although I once wrote that fashion is not for African women I like the creative art of fashion. The way we can express our individuality by what we wear. I love the burst of African fashion on the international scene thanks partly to magazines like ARISE and FAB and plays like Fela! and all the independent African designers (and bloggers) who are stirring things up. Some of whom are featured in the MsAfropolitan boutique, and aiming to have many more this year!

But African fashion is not just tie ‘n’ dye or Ankara inspired clothes. We need to be very clear about not putting boundaries on our creativity. Western designers have been stealing, sorry inspired by, ‘ethnic’ prints and looks for centuries and African designers can also be ‘inspired by’ ethnic western influences. I would love to see an African designer reinvent the classic Coco Chanel for example or a adapt a minimalist Calvin Klein inspired Afropolitan line.

I’m not a fashion blogger, but I do like fashion.

I’m considering getting the Nic*fish jumpsuit I’m wearing in these pictures in lots of different colours and calling that my wardrobe. It’s my favourite piece of clothing right now because it’s so versatile. Every time I put it on I discover a new way to tie it. And like the parloristas say, this cuts time in when you don’t know what to wear.

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CIMG2229 300x225 This is not a fashion blog

One of my goals this year is to make an overwhelming majority of my fashion purchases from independent designers. To encourage others to do the same, this week (until 23/01/11) if you quote INDEPENDENT whilst making a purchase in the shop you will receive an additional 5% off the already discounted prices. The nicfish jumpsuit is of course available in many different colours. Happy shopping!

update: For a dose of African fashion, I could not recommend the Shop Liquorice fashion blog enough.

What does fashion mean to you?



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