MsAfropolitan Boutique Interview Series – Clare Eluka, founder of Raw Skin Food

The mission of the MsAfropolitan Boutique is to showcase and offer a handpicked range of products made by African Diaspora women on a rotating basis. Visit us here.
As part of my journey to achieving this goal, I’ve met many inspiring women whose stories I want to share with you in an interview series features which you can follow here.

We live in increasingly health-conscious times, rightly so if you ask me, and the Raw Skin Food range is a new beauty brand that is benchmarking the spirit of our times by using nothing but fruit and vegetable butters, floral waters and essentials in their products. It’s no surprise that Raw Skin Food has been making waves amongst the skin care savvy, including a sea of loyal Celebrity fans including Alexandra Boyd, Cathy Tyson, Rudolph Walker OBE’s wife Dionne Alexandra, Alise Willis and Michelle Ryan and certification from the Vegan Society and B.U.A.V.

However, what I want to highlight even more so in this interview prelude is Clare herself. At twenty-five years of age, this young Afropolitan woman has already accomplished a successful beauty blog, a career as a makeup artist and one in Drama A-Level teaching. She is now successfully establishing her passion in providing ethical, environmentally friendly and cruelty free beauty.

What does the term Afropolitan mean to you?

Afropolitan means African roots with a cosmpolitan edge. As an Afropolitan woman I feel like I have the best of both worlds; the cultural upbringing of Igbo determination with a comtemporary confidence and Raw Skin Food is an expression of my afropolitan-ness. I draw influences from ancient herbs and beauty rituals and use my personal genius to produce contemporary and multifunctional products.

Could you describe RAW SKIN FOOD in one or two sentences?

Raw Skin Food is the 1st 100% Allergen Free Vegan Natural Skinfood brand that illiminates the use of all toxic ingredients guaranteeing natural anti-aging with the additional benefit of cruelty free beauty as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Could you share an exciting development currently taking place for RAW SKIN FOOD?

I am ecstatic about our new product ‘Wow Eye Creme’. It is for puffy, dry and textured (wrinkled) under eyes. The nourishing creme promotes smooth and vibrant eyes and is suitable for mature women and men.

What inspired the name for your business?

Raw = Uncooked, unchemicalised, untarnished. Skinfood = Skincare kind enough to eat (but don’t). A smoothie for the skin basically, and it was a no brainer to combine the two. The full name is Raw Skin Food essentials or RSF for short.

If you could pick one known African woman, Diaspora and continent, that you think is inspiring, who would that be and why?

I would pick Iman. She is an inspiration because despite many challenges she built her own makeup empire in the 80s giving women of colour a
platform to be recognised as beautiful business women. I also feel a little personal connection to her in the sense of her marriage to punk icon David Bowie, and their being a positive example of an inter-racial relationship. My fiance is a white man, a classically trained song writer and a qualified A-Level Music Teacher with a lot going for him. He is the back-bone of my strength and the co-director, without whom I wouldn’t have had the confidence and support to create Raw Skin Food. Who knows, maybe we’ll be the 21st century David & Iman!

Is there any particular element from Nigerian culture that you maintain in London?

I cook ground rice and occra soup for my fiance, and he makes jelof rice and stew. As vegans we have become very creative with our meals. We use soya chunks instead of meat and soak it over night to make sure it has flavour. Igbo women are beautiful and spiritual and I maintain my spirituality by meditating constantly throughout my daily tasks. Furthermore, I spend thirty minutes before bed giving thanks for everything I have and everything I will obtain.

Do you have a favourite post on the MsAfropolitan blog, and why?

7 female Afropolitan Style Icons because I like the choice of women and the fact that less commercial women were higher up on the list.
It’s good to promote new sisters and bring their name, creativity and offerings to the front line.

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  • Vickii

    I really like Clare’s interview and love what she is doing with the Raw Skin Food Range! I think it’s the fact that she offers us a glimpse not just into her business but into herself as well – wow, she’s a vegan! I will aim to try some of the products from Raw Skin Food in the new year and wish Clare lots of success!

    Another great interview Minna :)

  • anna

    What a great interview!
    Great insight into a new business and a humble account of Clare’s
    huge achievement.
    Well wishes for 2011 Raw Skin Food !