7 black UK blogs to bookmark

Sometimes blogging makes me want to pull out my hair.

I subscribe to some social media blogs and by no means do I follow their blogging advice religiously but sometimes a recommendation catches your eye, like the other day when I read that every self-respecting blog should have a featured posts box.

It made sense, and I figured that it should be pretty straight-forward to set up and started a search for ways to incorporate this into my site. In all likelihood there is a quick simple way to do it, but after two hours of searching and installing and placing code on my site I concluded that the untidy mess that you can see in the top right will have to do. I mean seriously… The main thing is that you can click on my favourite posts right?

Another thing social media blogs are full of is ideas for blogging topics. I tend to skip those posts as my problem is never ideas, of which I have in abundance, but time to write them. I think that if you are struggling for ideas to blog about then you shouldn’t blog. I’m not suggesting that a post might not just be simple; an image or a quote etc. but it should feel authentic. Personally, I don’t like reading blogposts that seem to exist for the sole purpose of attracting traffic to a site.

Anyway, that’s beyond the point! The point with this post is I’d like to share some fantastic black UK blogs that I think are worth bookmarking. If you are a reader based on the other side of the pond, hope you find it interesting to check out some of the black blogs over here. And for those in the UK, please feel free to add other UK black blogs (including yours) in the comments section. I’d love to find out about more black UK blogs.

For culture and events.
Catch A Vibe

For the black UK experience and history.
Black Presence

For black women entrepreneurs.
Twenty Ten Club

For black literature.
Black Book News

For natural hair lovers.
The Natural Lounge

For a mix of culture, society, politics.
The New Black Magazine

For fashion.
Marian Kihogo

  • http://www.naylandhouse.com Nayland House

    You’ve missed the obvious – Nayland House Blog – for black enterprise across the african diaspora

  • http://www.theakatadiary.com Tenille @ NoirGossip.Com

    This is very informative since I am an African American, and although I have been to UK before, I don’t know much about the culture or what it is to be a person of color, living there. I will certainly check out these blogs…

    And I love this one as well, consider yourself bookmarked! :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thank you so much :)

  • http://www.mwanabaafrika.blogspot.com/ MBA

    I like this post. I have posts I owe myself as things crop up and need to be dealt with in a timely fashion so ideas get put on the backburner or I start something and never finish! I think I need to pick my fav posts too, right now I only have the top 5 picked by traffic on the site which I thought would be democratic but as an African I really should exercise my despotic right to say what I think are the best too :)

    Thinking too much about it I think stops the blog from feeling authentic. Having studies communication all through uni and having to talk about all these things I have come to the realisation that all goods sites never followed a formula, they evolved and people are drawn to that evolution with all its progress and set backs. Yes there are a few things you really should do but beyond that the beauty of social media is that it can be anything you want it to be. Blogs are not newspapers and should not be treated as such with such hard rules and regulations and meticulous planning.

    Hope you are feeling better read you had the flu.

    • MsAfropolitan

      laughing @ despotic right to choose, indeed. look forward to your selection

      thank you, i’m much better

  • http://www.thatgoodgoodblog.blogspot.com Dee O.

    Great list! I’m definitely bookmarking some of these sites :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  • Yaa

    Thanks! V. useful!xx

  • http://www.acglobalvoices.co.uk JP

    Here are a few more

    African Caribbean Global Voices http://www.acglobalvoices.co.uk

    UK Black Writers Board http://www.ukblackwritersboard.wordpress.com

    Beyond Tha Spotlight http://beyondthaspotlight.blogspot.com/

  • http://hermelness.com HerMelness Speaks

    ‘Old School’ black, menopausal parent just trying to keep one step ahead of the kids. Forthright in her opinions and happy to tackle one teen at a time. Funny, thoughtful and for all ages.

  • http://www.globustours2011.com Lauralee Smink

    I went over this site and I believe you have a lot of great information, bookmarked (:.

  • http://www.Lipstickandpumps.com Caryn Ward Ross

    I am so glad I came across your blog! I am a TV and Film actress currently living in the US. I have lived in England and travel quite a bit. I can’t wait to check out the blogs listed. And if you are interested in sexy & empowering relationship advice, dating tips or red carpet beauty secrets check me out! :) http://www.Lipstickandpumps.com
    Love from across the pond…
    Caryn Ward

  • http://www.repatriate.us/ YaKol

    African American Nation State in Africa – under international law – the Right of Return – Visit site and sign petition to the United Nations and more.

  • http://wordsandriddims.com Memories

    I’m from London and new to blogging and I must compliment you as I have found your list so useful- the blogs you have listed are a wealth of inspiration and knowledge and I have bookmarked allfor future reading… Not forgetting yours ofcourse which is great too! Keep up the great work and thanks!

    • http://www.msafropolitan.com MsAfropolitan

      Thank you!

  • http://www.nubiansisters.com Victoria

    Hello MsAfropolitan- you are right- there are so many natural hair type blogs out there that it can be difficult to know where to start, but the one’s you have highlighted are great. In fact they inspired me to start my own, as has your own blog! Its http://nubiasisters.com.

    Any tips from you for a new blogger like me?

  • http://www.thenaturallounge.com Angel

    Thank you so much for adding The Natural Lounge to such a good list. Happy to be in such company.

    • http://www.msafropolitan.com MsAfropolitan

      Hi Angel,

      My pleasure! Keep up the great work.

  • http://Www.kaiscribe.co.uk Kai

    Hi Hun!

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    If you’re interested or know anyone who is, contact me at StacyORS@live.com and I’ll get your details and send you your free tickets!

    Why are we doing this? We understand the importance of bloggers in today’s society and what better way to include this part of the community?



  • shiningbrilliantnoir

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