MsAfropolitan Boutique interview series – Agnes Kuye, founder of Senga K designs

The mission of the MsAfropolitan Boutique is to showcase and offer a handpicked range of products made by African Diaspora women on a rotating basis. Visit us here.
As part of my journey to achieving this goal, I’ve met such inspiring women whose stories I want to share with you in an interview series features which you can follow here.

Today’s interview feature is with Agnes Kuye, founder of Senga K designs. Can you guess how the brand name came about? See the bottom for the answer :)

Senga K is in fact a new brand in the MsAfropolitan Boutique – aren’t the two bags I’ve picked stunning? I think they are fab, and I love that they are for the style ‘conscious’ made partly from recycled material. They are GREAT value for money (because yes, that matters too)!

Could you describe Senga K Designs in one or two sentences?

AFRO/Euro inspired, funky & unique accessories made from 70% recycled materials.
Afrolicious bags, beads, boob tube tops & scarves.

Could you share an exciting development currently taking place for Senga K Designs ?

I would love to style/accessorise artists for music videos, Nigerian artists especially.
I styled a few of the models on the 166 Family video shoot for a track called Moyo &
would love to continue working with ‘creative’ music artists. Watch this space…

What does the term Afropolitan mean to you?

Afropolitan to me means a ‘new, fresh & thought provoking’ approach to bringing
African culture to the masses.

If you could pick one known African woman, Diaspora and continent, that you think is inspiring, who would that be and why?

Waris Dirie  –  due to her amazing life journey.

Waris has used her fame & wealth for countless humanitarian work, receiving a plethora of awards & recently being appointed Peace Ambassador for the Year of Peace and Security by the African Union.

” In New York, at the peak of her career, she tells in an interview of the practice of female genital mutilation that she had to suffer when she was five. Waris Dirie decides to end her life as a model and dedicate her life to fighting this archaic ritual.”   –

Do you have a favourite post on the MsAfropolitan blog, and why?

A tribute to the black hair conversation–  because
it gave a different perspective to the views on our hair.

Aside from the usual issues that we face, like ‘to weave, relax, stay natural or not’, my main issues are with people outside of my race.

Questions that have baffled me from an early age are for example:
” Why do you guys put grease in, when we wash it out?”
“How can your hair be so long one day & short the next?”
” Why does your hair shrink in the rain?”
“Can i touch your hair?”

The list is endless. Yes, the black hair topic is fascinating!

Is there any particular element from Nigerian culture that you maintain in London?

I love African prints, Ankara especially. I hardly ever wear an outfit without
using some form of  Ankara, whether a bag, scarf, belt, top etc. etc.
I feel incomplete without this. Oh and FOOD,  I love my African food.

What inspired the name for your business?
It was difficult to find a name that encompassed the whole concept, so I evetually came up with SENGA which is simply my name, AGNES reversed! I didn’t like the name Agnes growing up, hence the change.
Interestingly, I’ve recently found out that ‘SENGA’ in Uganda means Agony Aunt. It’s uncanny, as my friends call me Aunty Senga/Agnes!

  • Vickii

    Yet another inspiring woman! I love this series because it introduces me to women who have similar goals to mine and have achieved them. Agnes’ bags are lovely! I love her definition of ‘afropolitan’ and I completely identify with the importance of African food to her ;p I wish you all the best Agnes and hope all your dreams for Senga K come true!

    • MsAfropolitan

      I loved the Afropolitan definition Agnes gave too :)

      Thanks for your support Vickii, I’m absolutely loving the series and it means so much to hear that you are too.

      I’m still hoping we can think of a way to sell your cakes in the shop, LOL, which by the way reminds me to say that yes – African food…mmm

    • Agnes Kuye

      Thanks Vickii, for your inspiring & complimentary comment.
      Apologies for the very late response.

      Thank you so so much & I wish you all the best in your venture too.
      ( Cakes are my weakness ) God bless you :)

  • beeladonna

    Did you just mention cakes??
    The fat girl in me has unleashed!!
    😀 How about a gift voucher of some sort that you can have in the boutique and I … I mean WE can buy and then Vicki can post them to the buyers … it is very doable!!! No??
    Have you all not heard of the pop bakery …?? IT CAN BE DONE!!!
    Are the cakes African inspired? Not that it matters because the most important thing is that it’s cake!

    Sorry I become unstable when I think of cake and food … plantain on my mind now from the image above! Lord have mercy on my love for food I just spotted the meatpie!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


    I visited your boutique a few hours ago and I didn’t see this particular bag style Agnes is holding :-(
    ( I have been on your blog for about 3 hours now lol )

    How very very innovative as well as creative concept Agnes!!

    Waris Dirie seems to be an inspiration to a lot of women … lovely I should read more on her I am actually just becoming aware of her.

    I love Her whole look! You are a very stylish afronista Agnes!!!

    I love all her answers to your questions!
    And yes indeed the black hair topic is really fascinating.

    I didn’t exactly hate my name when I younger but I really wanted my name to be changed to Yasmin lol I thought it was more unique but I LOVE my name more now … Senga sounds like an African Instrument though lol (that is what I guessed it to probably be) !

    I do hope for the blue/orange bag to be included in the boutique!!!
    All the best Agnes!!!
    All the best to you to Vicki!!!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks for the visit, been so lovely to have you here my dear :) Enjoying your comments!
      African inspired cake, hmm now that’s a thought! Vickiiiiiii?

      Agnes is afrolicious no doubt-in and out, she is an African queen! You might be able to order the bag she is wearing if you like.. I’ll ask her, keep you posted hun!

      • beeladonna

        😀 thank you!!!

      • Agnes Kuye

        Thanks so much Beeladonna & Ms AFROpolitan,

        @Beeladonna all the AFRO Funky bags are unique ‘one off’s. The one I am wearing in the pic was a personal one.

        I use recycled distressed leather, Ankara prints,denim & other cloths, so the bags can be rarely recreated.

        You can add me on face book ‘Senga Kuye’ & or alternatively I will be speaking to Ms Afropolitan to showcase some more wares in the store.

        Thanks for your support, compliments & interest :0) …

  • beeladonna

    ooopss maybe it isn’t so possible … however collection is possible :-) x

  • Ensayn

    This is very important for up and coming designers to get their name out. I think this is a great thing of uplift for Black women, sincerely. There is an up and coming swimwear designer out of Atlanta that you may want to check into. Kae Couture, of Atlanta.


    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks and gratitude Ensayn, your words mean much to me.
      Will check out Kae Couture!