7 things that happened this week

1. MsAfropolitan was featured on some great websites. There was an interview for the Twenty Ten Club Blog, which is a club that connects, inspires and supports Black female business owners. MsAfropolitan was also featured as one of the ‘Women of Webster’, Webster Magazine being a men’s lifestyle magazine doing some admirable work on redefining the urban male. I was also very proud to be reposted on Peace X Peace, a wonderful organisation raising women’s voices and building cultures of peace. The same post also made it to The 2012 Scenario.

2. Fashion Diversity partnered up with London Fashion Week. One of the main event partners was UNTOLD, whose mission is to tell those creative stories that remain otherwise untold. What are those stories? Here you go. Don’t miss this link, especially if you love independent labels. Very inspired by what these guys are doing.

At the launch gala most of what I saw was beautiful, but I particularly fell for the Chichia London collection.

3. Posts of mine were published on Clutch Magazine, MIMI Magazine, More MIMI, Coco & Creme and our book discussion of Lilia Momple’s book at the Catch A Vibe book club was posted.

4. I found out that I’m going back to uni! I received an offer letter to my application for an MA in Gender Studies at SOAS. To those who don’t know SOAS, it is the School of African and Oriental studies here in London. I’ll be majoring in African Women’s issues, naturally, and I am very excited, even though I don’t really know how it’s all going to fit in :-s

5. I discovered new blogs. Good ones! That African Girl, C T Kingston, The Musings of Ondo Lady and Abolitionist JB are great.

6. I co-hosted the African Writer’s Evening, an established London based event normally led by poet and novelist Nii Ayikwei Parkes. We discussed the novel ‘Bitter Leaf’ by Chioma Okereke. I had so much fun. Here’s a pic.

7. I ended the week  by dancing the night away at my friend’s leopard-themed hen night last night. Here’s a picture of me doing that hair thing women sometimes do when they want to take over the dance floor.

This coming week, I’m aiming to watch a movie, relax, meditate, maybe write some poems, who knows.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.

How was your week? Feel free to share links!

  • http://www.fabladyh.com fabladyH

    woop!!! congrats on uni admission. I see u had a fab week. have a better week..

    • MsAfropolitan

      thank you dear, it was a fab week, look fwd to a less fab week now lol

  • http://www.angryblacklady.com stopthemadness aka Angry Black Lady

    congrats on getting accepted to grad school (or uni as you furriners call it.) That’s quite an achievement. :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      HAHA! thanks 😀

  • http://www.inconsequentiallogic.com Roschelle

    you had a very busy, productive and interesting week. read your articles at clutch and coco! you rocked it :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Phew it was quite manic! have a great week ahead lady, and thanks for your support. Grateful.

  • teachermrw

    Congratulations!!! You deserve it. :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thank you miss! I’m a bit nervous now that I start next week – eek school! lol

  • http://www.tricia-blackbooknews.com Tricia

    Congratulations on the SOAS place – that is fantastic news. Well done on the articles – and thanks for the introductions to the brilliant blogs too – always great to see how others are making them work. Have a good week, best, tricia

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thanks a mill Tricia, hope you’re very well over at Black Book news etc. Have a lovely wknd

  • http://culturecynic.blogspot.com chomy

    Ahhhh congrats on all of this sis. proud of you and wishing you many more.

    p.s you looked totally ravishing in that leopard number rawwwr!

    (sad face) uni sucks ahhhh, as i am typing this , supposed to be writing up a paper….did i already say uni sucks??? ok i did.welcome to the club :)

    • MsAfropolitan

      looool yes, I am joining the club. I will moan to with you no doubt!
      thanks for the compliment! rawrr indeed heh!

  • http://www.adura-odesanya.co.uk Adura

    Very busy week for you but like someone else said – productive.

    I read the articles (really good), I like them especially the MIMI ones – I’m always working towards loving myself more. And I like the natural hair article mainly because my hair’s natural 😉 But it’s well written.

    Congrats on getting into SOAS!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Thank you Adura! I’m glad you liked them – you should submit some health/exercise articles to MIMI.

      • http://www.adura-odesanya.co.uk Adura

        Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely look into it :)

  • SOASian

    hi! Wanted to say Congrats on your admission to SOAS. I got my MA there a couple of years ago and loved it. All the best!

    • MsAfropolitan

      This is wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing, what did you major in and what are you doing now? Would be great to hear from you if you have the time – msafropolitan at gmail.com

  • http://themusingsofondolady.blogspot.com/ Ondo Lady

    Congrats on your Uni place and thanks for mentioning me. I am glad I discovered your blog as well.

    • MsAfropolitan

      You’re most welcome, thanks for stopping by Ondo Lady. (ps I am from your neighbouring city – Ogun)

  • http://www.mwanabaafrika.blogspot.com/ MBA

    :)))))))!!!!! You deserve everything that comes your way my friend! Keep being you coz you are fabulous!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Aw thank you kind friend 😀

  • http://vickii-ibakethereforeiam.blogspot.com/ Vickii

    You had an amazing week – go Minna!! But most of all congratulations on going back to uni, that’s really exciting and I’m totally jealous! How long is your MA? It’ll be hard work but I’m confident you’ll manage to do it all; and very well too!

    • MsAfropolitan

      Heeeey Vickii, *waves* this past week has been a lot calmer (thankfully in a sense!)

      I’m going to be a part-time student so 2yrs…

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words hun

  • olivia lwabukuna

    love your work, and the way you have made this so interesting, enjoy SOAS, dont let it enjoy u!! school can also be fun, when u let it, lol!!! cant belive I said that.

    • MsAfropolitan

      Haha, I will try although I’m kind of wondering what I got myself into!
      Thank you Olivia! Glad to hear from you.