The women that paved the way

To me, the ultimate role model is a kind of person who manages to personify to great extent the highest vision that you have of yourself.

I came to the conclusion that in my case it would need to be a woman, one that I can identify with, one that I have learned from and most importantly, one who has paved the way so that I can lead the lifestyle which I lead.

Defining role model by such terms, I came to the conclusion that my ultimate role model is my mum. How many doors she has unlocked so that I can walk through them freely.

Apart from my mom, I thought of the countless amount of women, the mother’s of the mother’s of my mother, the myriad of courageous women that have paved the way for today’s woman, and who collectively personify my ultimate role model.

Tracing back my lineage of ‘mothers’, I imagine them to be women that campaigned against war and slavery. I imagine them to be women that courageously fought for my right to vote. I picture them as women that decided to emancipate themselves from the mental slavery of not being able to get an education so that I can have access to their knowledge. I believe they are the women who were pro-pill and pro-abortion so that I can enjoy sex on my terms before or without getting married, if that’s my choice. They are the women who gave me choice. They are the women, who have raised children best they can and they are also the women who have loved, not with caution, but with awareness.

These are the women, my birth mother and my (our) collective mothers, that I see as role models, and whose footsteps I hope to follow in.

How about you, do you have an ultimate role model?

  • Blasé

    Hell NO! Except of course when I look in the mirror…

  • MsAfropolitan

    Lol ;o)

  • fabladyH

    well my dad has pretty much been a role model. but yeah when i think of my mum, she is too the perfect role model especially after reading this post. oh how much hv our mothers empowered us and also give us grace and elegance..

  • Vickii

    I've never really thought about an ultimate role model but my parents definitely rank up there! My mum has made so many brave and risky choices, despite not thinking herself to be brave or risky and she is so intelligent! We're lucky we have mums we can look up to and as I fully intend to be a mum one day, I really hope my kids can say the same about me 😀

    Great post Minna, you should show it to your mum!