Choosing a name for your blog

I’ve renamed my blog!
Let me tell you, I now understand how difficult it must be to name a baby 😉
Sarcasm aside, I’ve been cracking my brain trying to think of a suitable new name.

If you look at the url you’ll notice I’ve changed the name to ‘msafropolitan’.
MsAfropolitan is still personal but also more descriptive of my blog.

Urban Dictionary has a definition of Afropolitan, and Taiye Tuakli-Wosornu’s grand piece ‘What is an Afropolitan?‘ is pretty much the reason behind the phrase.

All in all I feel pleased and excited about the new name. I hope you will too. Let me know what you think?
Although my content won’t change per se, I’m looking forward to the increased sense of focus this will bring to my blogging.


  • Nana Yaw Asiedu

    If your content stays as 'wicked' I'm happy with the changed name. It may even bring you more readers. Good luck with this one.

  • MsAfropolitan

    Happy to hear an opinion, and a positive one furthermore! Thanks!!

  • [ ] dUke [ ]

    MsAfropolitan is more assertive and dont-mess-with-me ish. Its baddaz. Love it!

  • MsAfropolitan

    I love that description! Cheers

  • Rethots

    You write beautifully, much more, your thots and opinions (analysis) of situations are quite fascinating.

    • MsAfropolitan

      Just seeing this. Thanks ever so much for the kind compliment.