Akua-Adiki Anokye by Nontsikelelo Mutiti

‘A letter from one African woman to another’

In January 2015, the Warrior Poets collective invited me to speak at Litanies For Survival, part of Afropean+ at The Bozar Centre For Fine Arts in Brussels. The event turned out to be a vibrant, memorable night of African culture – music, fashion, talks, art, dance, flash mobs – taking over one of Europe’s leading art institutions. Other talks and…

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On Afropolitanism and westernisation

While reading Olufemi Taiwo’s book “Africa Must Be Modern”, I came across the following: It is almost required of an African intellectual that she or he be hostile to modernity and it suppositions. It is almost as if an African like me who deliberately embraces modernity as a way of life that promises at the…

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Commonwealth Writers hosts migration debate – read African feminist writers on migration

In the lead up to International Migrant’s Day, which took place on December 18th, Commonwealth Writers joined the migration debate by running brief stories by writers about their own migrations. My contribution is titled “Migrating to Myself” and you can read it on the Commonwealth Writers blog. It was good to read reflections of other African women…

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African men, are you still not listening?

Hey, it’s the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Violence against women is ginormous, ginormous, ginormous. It is so ginormous that the UN says it is a global pandemic. Other examples of global pandemics are Ebola, HIV and Bob Geldof. Due to its enormity I am thinking this post will be about how it is possible that male…

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Watching ‘Concerning Violence’.

                      The trailer for Göran Hugo Olsson’s ‘Concerning Violence’. I just watched ‘Concerning Violence’.’ ‘Anger. Catharsis. Birth. Small paroxysms of ritualistic release.’ ‘I also felt serene watching it.’ ‘This is what it is to be a woman. It is to be pain. Femininity is not a…

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What is the point of dialogue? (When everyone got so much things to say)

Contemporary exchanges, on- and offline, often claim to be encouraging dialogue. Especially analyses of race, gender, sex, pop culture, identity, nationality, religion and so on. Yet, while many indeed claim to encourage dialogue in theory, in practice few have understood the point of it at all. Dialogue has become a platitude. Whether it’s feminism, Afropolitanism, racism, religion, migration,…

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The Guardian’s #YouthEngage worldwide Twitter chat

Myself, @MsAfropolitan, @ComSecKatherine and @juneericudorie are hosting the UK leg of The Guardian’s #YouthEngage Worldwide Twitter Chat on Friday 24 October @ 1pm. We will discuss, among other things, identity, religion, cultural influences, social media, representation, governance and leadership, immigration, and whether young people feel they can get their voiced heard and become leaders. #YouthEngage is the Guardian Global Development Professionals and…

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